jack russell keeps escaping

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jack russell keeps escaping

My 1 year old Jack Russell, Angus, has worked out how to dig under fences or jump over even 5 ft fences. We are extra dog- proofing every part of our property we can, but he seems hell bent on finding new ways to escape! He has no road sense adn when loose, bounds along the road like Pepe le Pew, having a great old time. I can't help but think it is only a matter of time until he is hit by a car. We take him for long walks in the morning, play ball with him, leave him toys & chewy items (pigs ears, bones, etc) while we're at work, but he is still obsessed with freedom. Any suggestions? Would getting another dog (a play mate) help? Is extra training the answer?
Posted: 24/10/2007   

Answer: My jack russell keeps escaping
Oh noooo. My heart goes out to you. We went through the same thing with Jimbo, luckily he wasn't a digger or jumper - but if he did get out he would never come back to us! This is just the job of owning a young jack Russell. I was so concerned about Jimbo getting out I have just literally started leaving him inside when I am not at home. It's literally all you can do to make sure he will be safe and sound. Do you maybe have a room that you could leave Angus in during the day? If you are exercising him well and giving him lots of attention I wouldn't be to concerned about leaving him in.
Posted: 04/11/2007

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