Shitzus can be nippy

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Shitzus can be nippy

My 4 yr old maltese x shitzu recently bit my 1 yr old when he tried to take food off the dog. My husband wants to get rid of the dog or have it put down, i want to know if there is any other option????
Posted: 01/11/2007

Answer: What do I do?
Oh dear! Facts are that Shitzus can be nippy, but yes - there are many things that can be done. I think you would definatly need to involve your husband aswell so he can see progress and feel more comfortable. You would definatly need to find a very patient and experienced trainer that can work with your dog in these particular areas. This would be a great place to start. Keep in mind you might have to try a few trainers to find the one that will work best. Good luck!
Posted: 05/11/2007

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