Jack Russell is totally obsessed with toys! ACT

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Jack Russell is totally obsessed with toys! ACT

My Jack Russell, aged 18 months is totally obsessed with toys. It's so bad that if she has one she won't eat, won't come and follows you around with it constantly putting it under your feet. We now only give them to her when we're not home and have to hide them from her when we are home (because she drives us crazy with them!). What can we do?
Posted: 06/11/2007

Answer: My Jack Russell is totally obsessed with toys! ACT
Well this is very much a chemical reaction in her brain, all happy juices are being released when you throw the toy or ball to her. You could basically say she is a toy junkie! Working dogs (police dogs, drug sniffers and alike) are actually taught this obsessive behaviour in order to work on the field. They will do ANYTHING for that toy! I think you may need to speak to your vet about a short term drug therapy in order to relax her, which will make it much easier for her to deal with a re-programming / training routine. I would recommend you also speak to your vet about finding a qualified behaviourist to help her get over her toy addiction.
Posted: 14/11/2007

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