aust cattle dog won't let me brush her ,melbourne vic

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aust cattle dog won't let me brush her ,melbourne vic

every time i go to brush the cute molly,she's 11 onths old, she attacks the brush and bites it.i can't get it near her body.she has a lot of puppy hair that needs to go and i'm frustrated
Posted: 13/11/2007 

Answer: aust cattle dog won't let me brush her ,melbourne vi
There must be some stigma attached to your brush! Firstly, purchase a very very soft brush that looks completely different to the current. It will be a very very slow process as she must learn that the brush shouldn?t be feared, it will be a thing of wonderment! So start by not even touching her with the brush ? sit down next to her a night time in front of the telly with the brush just in sight. With in time move it closer and closer. As it moves in, start to touch her with the brush but not actually brushing. Offer lots of treats and make a big huge deal about how wonderful she is. Be really over the top and get excited. Remember that each time the brush comes near her or touches her she gets lots of praise, treats and love! Continue with this pattern very slowly. Eventually you should be able to brush her with a more effective type style of brush once she is ok with the softer one.
Posted: 14/11/2007   

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