Older Pets Require Special Care

Older Pets Require Special Care


As our pets age they require special care and attention.  Rover’s back legs may be getting stiffer, he may not hear as well, or see as well.  He may suffer occasional urinary incontinence and may even display episodes of confusion from time to time.  But these signs are not a death sentence.  There are now many natural products and treatments available to assist your pet to live a comfortable and dignified retirement. 


Herbal and Homeopathic solutions can improve eye sight, hearing, cognitive function, and bladder control.  Many therapies such as CMT (canine massage), acupuncture, and rehab work, including swimming, vastly improve the physical body, while decreasing any stiffness and on-going pain.  There are also many supplements available to put the bounce back in your dog’s step.


Some other special requirements for senior pets include extra comforts – warm bedding, coats in cooler weather, and on-going reassurance from their humans, through healing touch and kind words.

It is important not to over-exercise your older dog.  He may not be able to run like he used to, so to avoid injury, tone down his activity levels.  Ageing pets will require less food as their activity levels drop.  Being over-weight causes extra stress on joints which may already be suffering.  Carrying around extra fat will just make him feel miserable. 


Keep a regular check on teeth and gum health. Consult your vet immediately, as sore teeth/gums can mean an inability to eat and constant pain.  Gum disease leads to a more rapid degeneration and a weakened immune system.


To keep an ageing immune system working well it is imperative to eliminate stress on the body.  Keep the immune system boosted with good quality natural supplements so that Rover’s cells can gain strength and fight off the baddies.  Fleas and other parasites can also stress the immune system, so keep some natural treatments on hand to add to your dog’s daily meals.


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Silva Mirovics is a fully qualified CMT practitioner.  She has a BHSc degree, Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and is currently studying Small Animal Naturopathy.

Massage and natural products do not replace veterinary diagnosis or intervention. 

By Silva Mirovics – 0433-449-215.

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