Melbourne based Silva Mirovics has supplied the advice below. She is a fully qualified CMT practitioner. She has a BHSc degree, Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and is currently studying Small Animal Naturopathy.

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  • Natural Supplements for your dog
    As we become more educated about what is actually in the daily food we feed our pets, more and more dog owners and concerned breeders are now looking to provide the highest quality and most nutritious foods and supplements for their dogs. This has led to a gradual, but welcome, return to natural type ingredients and foods.
  • Older Pets Require Special Care
    As our pets age they require special care and attention. Rover’s back legs may be getting stiffer, he may not hear as well, or see as well. He may suffer occasional urinary incontinence and may even display episodes of confusion from time to time. But these signs are not a death sentence. There are now many natural products and treatments available to assist your pet to live a comfortable and dignified retirement.
  • Dog health this summer
    Hot weather can cause heat stroke and even death for your dog if you don’t take some precautionary measures. Animals suffering heat stroke may collapse or appear quite distressed, gums may be bright red and there may be excessive panting. If your pet has collapsed you must seek veterinary assistance immediately. Have some Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence on hand to administer every half hour during such a crisis.
  • Canine Arthritis
    Canine arthritis, osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease causes inflammation, swelling, stiffness and pain. The disease is mostly seen in older dogs, but can affect young dogs too. It often starts with the smallest discomfort, and may eventually progress to the point where your dog is unable to stand, walk, or eat. The sooner you observe any changes, the sooner you can commence treatment, and keep your dog healthy and happy for many years to come.
  • Car safety for dogs
    Providing a safety harness/seatbelt for your dog is vital to yours and your dog’s safety. Too many owners tend to forget that an un-harnessed dog in a car is a missile in waiting. Not only can your canine injury or kill himself, he can also kill you. They can also stop a frightened or excited pet from jumping around the car.