Car safety for dogs

Providing a safety harness/seatbelt for your dog is vital to yours and your dog’s safety.  Too many owners tend to forget that an un-harnessed dog in a car is a missile in waiting.  Not only can your canine injury or kill himself, he can also kill you. They can also stop a frightened or excited pet from jumping around the car.   I tell everyone, everywhere I go, to make sure they buy a seatbelt for their canine companion.  Many dogs die unnecessarily each year because they were not strapped in.  We had a very near miss with our beloved Roxy two summers ago.  We were driving back from the beach, Roxy was sitting on the back seat, with her head hanging out the window, then suddenly I had to hit the brakes.  She spent all evening with a very sore and swollen throat.  The thought of what could have happened still haunts me today.  We were very very lucky that she did not suffer any major injury or even death.  The next day I went out and bought her a seat-belt from the local pet store.  And so I encourage you to do the same.

This also applies to people who have their dogs on the back of utes and trucks.  What do you think would happen to this dog if you were involved in a sudden accident?  The impact would surely throw the dog from the tray, killing him and injuring others.  There are special clips available for dogs traveling on utes.  So, all I can really say is that IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG then you quite simply must purchase a safety harness for your dog today, and use it diligently every time you take him for a drive.

Pet seat-belts should be mandatory – they should be law.  There are many products available today from the internet and from local pet stores that provide safe and comfortable travel for your canine companion.

By Silva Mirovics

Canine Myofunctional Therapist


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