Question about citronella collar

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Question about citronella collar

My JRTxStaffy girl has a barking problem. She has tons of toys in the yard, she has a JRTxFoxy to play with too. Mishka's happy to snooze all day, but Buffy barks at everything. I've done all I can to get her to shut up, but she's driving me insane. I've been told citronella collars work, but knowing her she'll pull the sprayer off and destroy it. Mishka's doing amazingly well since his amputation a week ago. He's healing quickly, I don't think he's even noticed the leg is gone!
Posted: 15/12/2007

Answer: Question about citronella collar
From my experience citronella are really effective. One of my clients dogs was barking constantly during the day, the collar fixed her up with in approx 2 weeks and she no longer wears the collar. They are a snug fit and they sit under the chin, I can?t be sure if she would be able to get to it to chew it. You also need to invest and a good quality collar, the cheap ones are junk and fire off at any time. I would suggest you find the manufacture of a good quality collar and ask them about your concerns. Although, they are defiantly very effective.
Posted: 05/01/2008

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