dog nipps neighbours

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dog nipps neighbours

We have two beautiful border collies (18 months old). We do obedience work and exercise them twice a day. Our male looks over the fence from our deck and three times now has "nipped" on the upper thigh, people who walk past or into our yard - he has run out the door and was sitting with us when we were talking to neighbours. We have heard it is protective behaviour but we have done a lot of control work but it is still a BIG BIG problem. Not agressive and very friendly with other dogs. Desperately worried. Would desexing help?
Posted: 30/01/2008

Answer: dog nipps neighbours
Generally yes, desexing can help ? although sometimes it can make things worse. It can take 6 months for them to settle down after the opp anyway. You do seem to be doing all the right things here, so I think it might be best to speak with a qualified behaviourist. Your vet should be able to point you in the right direction.
Posted: 02/02/2008

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