Dog whining during the day

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Dog whining during the day

We have a pet Spoodle and she is treated like one of the family. It has recently been the school holidays and we spent almost all of our time at home, also in the holidays we moved houses. After nine weeks we are now back at school and she isn't coping. Neighbours have told us that she is whining, howling and we have come home to find that she has scratched all of the doors and gates. Is there anything we can do????
Posted: 09/02/2008

Answer: Whining during the day
Defiantly read the link I have to create training (on the main Ozdoggy advise page). Problem is, as soon as you return home her pining is instantly rewarded ? so it is a ever decreasing circle. Make sure that when you are home, she is not always right with you the whole time. So she can have time to her self, in the crate, while you are home, slightly removed from the centre of the family home. This way she will learn its ok to be away from you and to have quality time with herself. She will also learn that you will always return to her. This may be your best option. Just remember to take the softly softly approach. You can also leave a telly or radio on during the day.
Posted: 07/03/2008


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