Digging Doggie

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Digging Doggie

PLEASE HELP! I have moved into a rental property with my beagle x cocker spaniel..she is going on eleven months old now. WE are living with two other dogs...a kelpie and a maltese cross. Bella (beagle x cockerspaniel) used to dig at her old house and we used her faeces to stop her. She had not dug for some time and we have been in the new house for about 3 months and she did not dig..just recently she has dug a hole to the neighbours yard, it is quite a large hole...she only does this during the day and when the sun goes down she just goes to bed! It is beginning to annoy my housemates and I am sure the neighbours aren't happy...every time she pays them a visit she steals something from their backyard. I have taken her back to my parents house and she does not seem to dig when she is there! It is worrying me..I don't want to have to get rid of her and I am at my wits end as to what to do to stop her digging!
Posted: 11/02/2008   

Answer: Digging Doggie
The most simple and cost effective advise I could give, is to triple the exercise she is getting. On top of this she needs to be using her brain much more, and has to be socialising with other dogs on a daily basis. If you are already doing this, double it! Digging is most commonly due to being bored. This should work, try to find a local dog walker who maybe able to top up the socialization factor a couple times a week. Doggy Day Care could also be a great option?
Posted: 07/03/2008 


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