Dog ripping off fence palings to escape

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Dog ripping off fence palings to escape

We have a 7yr old Dalmation X & a 2.5yr old Kelpie X. We have recently moved to a new house which has seen our yard decrease slightly in size. We walk our dogs everyday. 1st time this week the Doggy Day care up the road found our 2 running around the street (which is a main road) and then just today we found them on the other side of the fence. The 7yr old is ripping the fence palings off so they can escape. My husband nailed a big plank of wood across but he tore that off too! They have never done this before and i am wondering if anyone knows why or how we can go about preventing it? thanks :-)
Posted: 20/03/2008

Answer: Dog ripping off fence palings to escape
Ohhh ..... I think the answer is in your posting! Maybe with the recent move and decrease in yard size there is some nervous energy that needs to come out some how, and the fence is their vice and freedom is the reward! Sooo .. what about taking to that doggy daycare up the street and see if they have some room for your fluffy ones?
Posted: 04/04/2008


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