territorial Akita

territorial Akita

Me and my dog (12 year old female blueheeler/boardercollie/ jackrussel cross) have just moved in with my boyfriend and his 3 year old Male Akita. The two of them get along most of the time, but there are occassions where the Akita flies off the handle and lays into her, and he doesn't stop until we yell at him. it hasn't happened often but last time he did considerable damage, and now we just don't want to leave them alone together. She's too old to be picked on like that. Aside from his occasional outbursts, when they're inside together he just doesn't leave her alone. He follows her around the house, watching her every move. He drinks all the water and eats all the food, he never used to eat/drink like this in the past. Is there a way we can make this work for both of them?
Posted: 26/03/2008

Answer: territorial Akita
Crate training, crate training! See the link at the base of this page.Akitas will be Akita's, some regular (weekly) training at your local club may help to put him back in his place a little, although the most effective way solution will be crate training.
Posted: 04/04/2008

Question about CRATE TRAINING?: Heres a really good article that Bec has found:


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