dog defecating in bed, sydney (nsw)

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dog defecating in bed, sydney (nsw)

5 year old dog from a shelter defecating and urinating in bed - will only go in bed. Was also doing this at the shelter. Have tried multiple things such as changing bed and bedding, position of bed, as well as providing multiple beds(will go in all) and changing routine. Not a medical condition. What else can i try for her? do you think anxiety related or marking her territory?
Posted: 17/04/2008

Answer: dog defecating in bed, sydney (nsw)
By nature, dogs wont defecate or urinate in there own ?den? as it can alert potential predators to there where abouts. So my question to you is, does she actually sleep in her bed? I have a feeling the answer may be no! Good on you for adopting, although it is always a difficult task trying to un-do and previous damage without knowing the cause. My recommendation to you is crate training, a good link can be found on the main Ask Bec page. With a crate you maybe able to recreate a natural den like environment and re-stimulate natural instincts of not soiling the den!
Posted: 17/05/2008


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