Aggressive Labrador, Lower Plenty, Victoria

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Aggressive Labrador, Lower Plenty, Victoria

Hi, I have a 3 year old Black lab. He was a very obeadiant, friendly dog up until 8 months ago when he started getting aggressive towards our female 2 year old dog at dinner time. We changed feeding habits but now he is aggressive anytime i pat her, or if she comes near him when he is getting a pat. Ontop of this he constintly humps people to shows his domination. He has been to obeadiance training prior to this behaviour. PLEASE Help as he is much loved but i worry about him with children.
Posted: 21/04/2008

Answer: Aggressive Labrador, Lower Plenty, Victoria
Initally I am wondering about his breeding here. Its so rare to find a Lab with these traits. Although I am not a expert in breeding so I shall just shy away from that theory! It?s hard to pinpoint what is going on here. The first thing I would reccomend is to step up your stance with him. This doesn?t mean being a bully, but it does mean tough love. Look at your body laungage and comminication with him. Can these be strengthed? Leaders always stand talk, speak loudly and clearly and command attention. Maybe this is something you can look at. Apart from this socalization is one of the most important aspects in a dogs life. This means a dog must always be meeting new people, new dogs in new enviroments in order to ?remain? well socalised and adjusted. I think tackeling this major issue maybe create some harmony in your home.
Posted: 17/05/2008


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