My scavenging staffy

My scavenging staffy
Answer: My scavenging staffy
It has taken me approx 1 hour to remember the name of this product: Malaseb! Back in my grooming days we used Malaseb. Its great stuff. The big important thing to remember if using this product is: you must wash it off completely. And I mean 2 or three rinses after application. Any remaining traces will begin to irrate the skin. So rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse and another rinse for good measure. I am not that well versed on this procduct although I do know that is extermily effective with a varity of skin issues. Some vets do stock it or maybe able to order it in for you. Although I would read a little bit more in to it first. Re the food, try measuring out a day worth of dry food and soaking it for a few hours, then stuff it in to a few kongs and freeze. Frozen kongs can be given through to day to entertain and distract!
Posted: 17/05/2008

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