X Jack Russell Embarrassing Walk

X Jack Russell Embarrassing Walk
Answer: X Jack Russell Embarrassing Walk
Ohhh ... hmmm .. yes, I know what you mean. My Jimbo does this. Why do I walk all these beautifuly well behaved dogs? And then I own a crazed Jack Russell! Hahaha. I dont know, but there is just something that creates a immedate protective instinct when a lead is on. I am hoping and praying that your little guy is food motivated, if so ? the following link should do the trick: ng/pulling-leash I know it isn?t a general pulling on leash issue although if you follow the basics here it should help you out. And lastley, remember to socalise him with different dogs in different enviroments every day. This was the key issue with my Jimbo.
Posted: 17/05/2008

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