Desexed Male Chihuahua is peeing on me!

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Desexed Male Chihuahua is peeing on me!

Hi there, In the past two weeks my desexed male Chihuhua is constantly trying to 'mark' me. We have two other Chihuhua's (male and female) who do not try this. Nothing has changed in my dogs life to cause this strange behaviour. Can anyone help? Meagen :-)
Posted: 28/04/2008

Answer: Desexed Male Chihuahua is peeing on me! (Nearly 3 ye
At 3 years old he now of age, and it most probably trying to send a message to his furred family members. Would I be right in assuming they are younger than him? Either that or he is the youngest. Either way he is trying to make you his property. I would suggest a quick and brief time out immediatly following and attempts to marking you. This should send him a clear message that you are in charge or him and that the behaviour is not aloud. By time out, I mean a quick visit to a quite room with the door closed. Just for a few minutes. So do the trick. You just need to be consitant.
Posted: 17/05/2008


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