help with fighting dogs; Inverell NSW

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help with fighting dogs; Inverell NSW

We have 2 male dane-mastiffs (both neutered; 1 10yo 1 3yo)and 2 kelpies (7yo male, 2 yo bitch; both intact)We had the younger mastiff neutered about 12mth ago. the dogs have always been happy together until recently when the male kelpie and younger mastiff have started fighting (I think the kelpie starts it). We have begun to be stricter with discipline but would appreciate clues as to why the fighting has started and what we can do to address it. Thanks in anticipation. Elizabeth
Posted: 22/06/2008

ANSWER: help with fighting dogs; Inverell NSW
Hi Elizabeth. I think you may be right in suspecting your Kelpi. And I also think you may find the resolution in excersise. Kelpis will get a bit crazy if they are bored enough (I just answered a similar question below). So I think you will have to try and wear the boy out. Take every opportunity to throw balls, hide treats in wine casks, go for brisk runs, play play play, trips to a dog park if possible etc. Kelpis are so smart that is not nesscarly about wearing them out is also about excersising the mind. So try and come up with some clever ideas that will keep him thinking.
Posted: 15/07/2008


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