Kelpie X German Shepherd - Tail chaser

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Kelpie X German Shepherd - Tail chaser

We have recently taken in a 18 month male Kelpie X German Shepherd. The previous owner had him in a samll enclosure where he received very little attention. This dog spins in circles barking until he catches his tail and then stands there holding onto it and growling. I have been taking him out on walks, started basic training & have tried introducing some dog toys, but don't want to make too much of a fuss and draw too much attention to this problem Is this something we will be able to cure, I'm not sure how long he has been doing this for.
Posted: 30/06/2008

ANSWER: Tail chaser
It seems you are doing everything right. If only neglectful owners could know how much damage they really do. Most re-homed dogs do come with quirks, in particular those with a shady past. Keep up your efforts. Hopefully lots of love and patience may see him through. It might just be a nervous action that will hopefully slowly disappear. If it does continue to concern you, speak to your vet. Good on you!
Posted: 15/07/2008 


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