distressed doggie

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distressed doggie

I have a 3y0 jack russell who becomes quite distressed when venturing in the car on long journeys, she will travel in the ute and is ok, but in the care she puffs pants,shakes and now crawls under the seat, just wondering why this could be, she has never been injured or locked in a car. I live in Swan Hill Victoria
Posted: 08/07/2008

ANSWER: distressed doggie
Its hard to tell with out actually seeing her in action. It could be something simple. Do you ever leave her in the car alone? She may be pre-empting this and having a bit of separation anxiety. It could be a destination she is worried about? It could be a smell or sound? Have a look at crate training, on the main Ask Bec page - and this could eventually be moved in to the car and you could cover the crate with a towel or similar to eliminate any external stress.
Posted: 15/07/2008   


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