Dog growling at a family member

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Dog growling at a family member

A 7 year old German Short Hair Pointer female, that has, up until now, been an impeccable nature. Just recently she has started to growl at our youngest child (daughter, aged 10). This happens occasionally when our daughter goes to pat the dog. At other times, the two seem perfectly happy together. This behaviour has only started over the past 3 months, but is starting to concern us.
Posted: 05/07/2008   

ANSWER: Growling at a family member
I am not sure of the life expectancy of Pointers, although 7 is a decent age. A age when most dogs to start to quieten down a tiny bit. It could be something as simple as wanting some more quite time. Which means you should set a routine for your Pointer when she has a quite nap some where quite and peaceful twice a day. She will begin to get used to this routine and it may curb any snappyness. You could also look in to crate training. A crate can serve as safe and warm place for a dog to have some time out at his / her own accord. You may also like to have you vet give her the once over just to make sure there is no medical issue.
Posted: 15/07/2008


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