X ridgeback jealous of x cairns terrier - both rescue dogs

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X ridgeback jealous of x cairns terrier - both rescue dogs

I adopted a female xridgeback (x with staffy/cattle dog I think) 6 months ago(she is 2yr) "Kippa". Recently I adopted another dog, xcairns terrior male (2yr) "Jaspa", both are desexed. I thought he would be good company for her as she was whining at the back door despite having a lovely big yard and regular walks on our nearby beach. She won't leave him alone, inflicting superficial wounds and displaying jealous behaviour. He has a very lovely nature and takes it all, defending himself reluctantly. I have resorted to separating them by having a side fence built and she is in the front yard and he in the back. I am so disappointed, as I love both of these dogs and I just want them to be friends. At first, they were okay together but after about 2 days the jealousy started to set in and has escalated to such an extent now that I had to take drastic action and keep them separated.
Posted: 12/07/2008

ANSWER: Xridgeback jealous of xcairns terrier (both rescue d
This is a shame, but it defiantly can be fixed. Due to you adopting and assuming their background unknown I would suggest you speak to your vet regarding a referral to a qualified behaviourist. I am quite positive that there isn?t any quick fix as we don?t want to cause more problems will incorrect handling and hunches. It may require outlaying a bit of cash although I think this would be the safest and most constructive way to go.
Posted: 15/07/2008


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