dog obsessed with toy, north wales, unitd kingdom

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dog obsessed with toy, north wales, unitd kingdom

Hi, my husband recently bought our 7yr old jack russell an new toy to add to his huge collection. Since he has bought it our dog has not put it down infact he has become quite obsessed with it . He is normally a very affectionate dog but since having the ball he wont leave it alone. Any advice on why this could be. I know I could take it off him and that would probably solve the problem but I would be interested to know if you have any advise, Regards Paula
Posted: 01/09/2008

Answer: dog obsessed with toy, north wales, unitd kingdom
From one Jack Russell owner to another; I think they are just a bit bonkers! ha ha! Our Jimbo is also quite specific with his basket full of toys. He favors his (used to be mine) stuffed tiger which he licks on the nose of every night. Apart from that, it's in the history of the breed to fixate and flush out game. They naturally become obsessive over seemingly ordinary objects as they can't live out their instincts of running down burrows and hunting small animals. So a ball will just have to do as it simulates movement and can be interacted with.
Posted: 12/09/2008


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