Weight Loss in Kelpie, Macca, Adelaide SA

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Weight Loss in Kelpie, Macca, Adelaide SA

We have noticed our 7 yr old kelpie seems to be losing weight even though she eats like a horse, by polishing of her own bowl of food plus half of our other dogs food. It's got to the point where we can notice her ribs which is a bit concerning. Just wondering if anyone got any ideas of how we can get her to gain a bit of weight as we've tried increasing her amount of food and giving her extra more filling foods such as pasta and rice with her meat but doesn't seem to make a difference. We took them off dry food as it was making them to hyperactive due to the artifical colourings and preseratives. Any ideas would be a great help?
Posted: 01/10/2008

ANSWER: Weight Loss in Kelpie, Macca, Adelaide SA
A good quality dry food really should be the basis of any dogs diet. Science Diet is what I feed my Jimbo and it is a great product. I would defiantly recommend experimenting with a few top quality dry foods first of all. Good quality dry food plus some raw meat should make a good stable diet. Secondly, do you worm her regulary? This can sometimes be a main contributor in weight loss. Definatly take a trip to the vet if she hasn't been wormed. Warning: worming a dog while it is infected with worms can be deadly. So speak to your vet before administering a new treatment for worms. All in all a check up to the vet would be a good idea, at the age of 7 changes can begin as she enters her senior years and this might possibly explain a few things.
Posted: 03/10/2008


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