Bleeding gums when bone-chewing, Margaret River WA

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Bleeding gums when bone-chewing, Margaret River WA

Hi, I have noticed my 7 yr old desexed male (prob. ridgeback X) dog has had bleeding gums the last few times he has been chewing on a bone... is this common? It doen't seem to bother him, but it worries me! Could this be a symptom of something else, or is it more likely a hard bone (we live on a farm and he found this particular big bone in the bush- no idea how old it is!)? Thanks for your time! Melita
Posted: 25/10/2008

Answer: Bleeding gums when bone-chewing, Margaret River WA
Dental health is a massively underestimate issue in dogs (and cats). Gum disease can result in serious implication of the heart, kidney and liver. Its nasty stuff, and it often not recognized or understood by owners. The bleeding while chewing could be for a few (simple) reasons, although what ever the cause I would defiantly recommend you take a trip to your vet. If there is some dental issue forming it?s best to get it sorted out quickly and swiftly. Leaving it to chance can result in costly vet bills and a very sick pooch!
Posted: 26/10/2008


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