Oz Doggy Noticeboard Rules & FAQ's

Oz Doggy Noticeboard Rules & FAQ's

No dogs for sale OR dog wanted messages on notice boards 
No dog for sale listings are allowed on the message boards. See dogs for sale page for this paid classifieds service. Cost $10 per month. All other noticeboards remain free. There are no dog wanted messages allowed to protect you from scammers who sell fake dogs.

Please ensure your email address is correct.
If your address is wrong visitors cannot contact you. Unfortunately we can't contact you to tell you this because your address was incorrect. Ye olde catch 22! We have to go on the theory that you know your email address better than anyone else, so please check. We delete messages with incorrect addresses.

All Oz Doggy noticeboards apart from dog for sale are a free public service. We are not required to carry all paid or free notices placed and absolute discretion remains with Oz Doggy at all times.  If a paid listing is rejected for whatever reason, a full refund will be given via same payment method within 7 days, if not sooner. Dog for sale messages that try and upload onto FTGH will be deleted and the email address blocked.

We do not enter into debates about dogs which best re: pure breed or not. We have a simple, clear policy of supporting all dogs which are loved, exercised and generally looked after by their owners. We support the five freedoms promoted by the Australian RSPCA.

Noticeboard users are encouraged to report misbehaving users to Oz Doggy if they are hassled or receive emails which cause concern. We log all reports and where possible report abusers to their ISP's. If you have a scam attempt - we recommend the Australian Government SCAMwatch website:

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: My message is not live. Where is it?

Answer: Did you select the correct noticeboard when posting your message? You may have placed your message on another board. Contact us and we can swap your message to the correct noticeboard.  All wanted messages and for sale messages on the dogs FTGH message board are instantly removed. Wanted messages are not permitted to protect you from scammers who offer fake dogs - get your money - and you get no dog.

Question 2: I can't confirm my email address /I didn't receive the confirmation email.

Answer: Particularly if you have a yahoo, hotmail, AOL account etc, the confirmation email might have landed in your spam/ bulk folder. Otherwise just contact Oz Doggy to confirm your address and we will activate.

Question 3: My message has been deleted OR I haven't received any replies. Why?

Answer: See common email mistakes below that mean Oz Doggy must delete your message because your address does not work.

A: Check the spelling and extension (.com, ,, etc) of your address and try uploading your message again. 
B: Do not enter just your name where it says email address.

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