Question: Cavoodle Watery eyes

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Question: Cavoodle Watery eyes

I have a really cute Cavoodle but the only thing is she has really weepy eyes. How do you stop this from happening or how can it be fixed?
Posted: 16/04/2006

Answer: Watery Eyes
The Cavalier King Charles breed are prone to 'leaky eyes', so this is where your Cavoodle is getting it from. Normal tearing should be thin and clear. If the discharge is thick and cloudy, or anything else then you should see your vet. There are a lot of products on the market, but i would suggest dampening a cotton wool ball in some warm water, and then wipe the ball in a upward direction. There's nothing much you can do about it unfortunately. Although if she is a pup she may grow out of it. Dusty and windy environments wont help the situation either.
Posted: 20/04/2006

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