Q: Rhodesian ridgeback X toilet troubles adelaide

Q: Rhodesian ridgeback X toilet troubles adelaide

My rhodesian ridgeback pup who is 14/15 weeks old has decided that not only her bed but our 4 seater lounge is her toilet. we have tabeen taking her outside regularly day and night rewarding her when she does it yet she will still use the above two things at different times. what can we do???
Posted: 14/05/2006

Answer: rhodesian ridgeback cross toilet troubles adelaide SA

I tend to think your Ridgeback has decided that your lounge is her special little spot in the world. Pups as young as yours may need to relieve themselves every three hours or so. I suggest you find a large bed for her. Something that is easy to clean and dry incase she continues to have accidents. Spend time with her when she is on her bed. Even feed her dinner while she is on her bed. Put it near the lounge (she probably likes the lounge as its a central part in the house). You could even wear an old t- shirt for the day and then put it on her bed. She will like this as it well smell of you. Define her special place in the home with her bed, and it may resolve issues of the lounge. Or at least, her accidents may be easier to deal with! It's hard to tell if she is marking her area or just simply not being able to hold on. Although it should reduce as she matures. Suggest more frequent toilet runs as well.
Posted: 15/05/2006

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