Q: Mini Foxy barking

Q: Mini Foxy barking

Hi I have a mini foxy, she is 5mths and as soon as I let her outside she barks & barks I go out and growl at her she runs of then barks again ,how can I solve this problem and digging under fences.
Posted: 01/07/2006

Answer: Barking

Ah the joys of owning a terrier! Unfortunately they are born diggers. All I can say for the digging is secure your fences as best as possible. And give her lots of enviromental enrichment for the back yard. e.g. a sand pit, toys ... If you give her any sort of attention (positive or negative) when she barks you are only adding fuel to the fire. Try purchasing a little water pistol or spray bottle, fill it up with water and a tiny bit of vinegar. Just enough vinegar to taste yucky. Give her a spray in the mouth when she barks. Careful of her eyes though!
Posted: 03/07/2006

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