Not a happy deaf white pure bred english bull terrier!

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Not a happy deaf white pure bred english bull terrier!

Have inherited a deaf white pure bred english bull terrier. She is 1 yr old (have had her since 3 mos. ) Has just developed a really frightening bark whenever she smells food or is being fed. I have found it difficult teaching her hand signals as she is never still. She is kept in a cage but as I work at home, I let her out 4-6 times in a day and then she has a long walk around a farm in the afternoon. I am not comfortable around her when she is growling. When there is no food around, she is a beautiful, loving, playful dog. I would be grateful for any help!!!!
Posted: 28/08/2006

Answer: agression with white bull terrier
Considering she is deaf, I am quite certain she has no idea how she sounds - so it shouldn't be a intentional threat (although do be cautious). You need to look at how YOU react when she carries on with the food. She must learn that any food she receives is yours and you have control over it. When she barks do you give in and feed her straight away to stop the behavior? If so, you are only reinforcing the behavior. Try investing in a 'gentle leader'. Put this on her while you hold her in the sit position. Some distance away place her dinner bowl or a treat. Keep her in line for at least a minute before she is allowed to eat. This takes lots of practice and will be easier if you have someone else to help you. The key is to remain calm and in control. Gradually increase the time she must wait before eating.
Posted: 29/08/2006

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