11month old Jack Rusell X Laborador who hates walking

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11month old Jack Rusell X Laborador who hates walking

I have a 11month old Jack Rusell X Laborador who hates walking. Every time i go to put her lead on she runs and hides and sometimes pees herself. She also starts shaking even once we start walking. She doesnt like the loud traffic but once we get going and past the noise she doesnt seem to mind it so much. But then as soon as we head in the direction of home she starts pulling and cant wait to get to the front door. I have tried food and treats but she wont touch anything until after she comes back. What can i do, i just want to be able to walk her??
Posted: 05/09/2006

Answer: Dog hates walking! Perth WA
These things are hard when you don't have a food motivated dog. Firstly I would try stepping up the quality of the treats - to fresh meat!!! Will fresh meat motivate and distract her enough to get out and walking? If she urinated and shakes her problems sound rather serious. I would have a chat to your vet. A short period of medication may help her anxiety, so you could get her in to group training and over come her fears. This is a good course of action I think.
Posted: 14/09/2006

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