2 year old purebreed staffy is always getting out

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2 year old purebreed staffy is always getting out

Our 2 year old purebreed staffy is always getting out. sometimes he digs his way out but now that we have fixed up the entire yard he is escaping some other way. we suspect he is jumping but this is a 6 foot fence! we have recently invested in a companion (american bull dog) and they get along very well and this has slowed down his escapes but not stopped them. any hints to help us keep our dog at home?
Posted: 06/09/2006

Answer: Staffy keeps getting out, Darwin NT
Think as your staffy would think. 'This back yard is boring. Maybe there is a cat on the other side of this fence!!?' Chances are he is now well aware of the joys of the other side of the fence so you really need to try and step up your efforts to keep your back yard inviting and exciting! As I have suggested a few times to people, bury bones, heaps of toys, get a sand pit and bury treats and toys in that, take your dogs for a good walk in the morning if you can, do anything you can to keep your Staffy thinking and tired! They are such a emotional and clever breed you need to be one step ahead of them.
Posted: 14/09/2006

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