My dog is addicted me what shold I do

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My dog is addicted me what shold I do

Hi thanks for reading. Kimi my golden retriver pupy 5months old he sleep with us on the bed and follow us aroudn eveyrwhere even if we woke up at night to toilet he will wake up, follow us to toilet and jsut cotinue his sleep there. and follow us back on the bed this is not the problem but the problem is.. when I go out of the hosue even just an hour he will start barking and trying to push me very hard I will have to say normally he's a very behave dog and very nice jsut when we go out without him he will bark and cry so bad I felt pity him but you know sometime you cant take your dog with you all the time we give him treat almost eveyrtime before go out and that doesnt stop him to be so addicted to us. Can anyone help me how to keep him happy when he has to stay home alone. Thanks a lot
Posted: 14/09/2006

Answer: My dog is addicted me what shold I do
Your Kimi is suffering from separation anxiety. Generally speaking, allowing her to sleep on your bed doesn't help the situation. Although my Jimbo previously suffered from separation anxiety and he still sleeps in our bed!! Opps! Kimi is young, so you should be able to correct the problem quickly and smoothly. You will need to find a good trainer to help you through this. Anxious dogs need strong and confident owners, so it will also be a good learning experience for you. I wouldn't recommend drug therapy as she is still only a baby. With some work and dedication on your part, Kimi should be fine.
Posted: 15/09/2006

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