Doggy Doors? Leamington, Ontario Canada

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Doggy Doors? Leamington, Ontario Canada

I have recently moved 2 dogs (Malamute & Chow chow to a new house. The malamute uses the doggy door but the chow chow is still afraid. Its almost been a week and he wont go through unless you open it for him? Anyway we can help him to use by himself. I dont want him dependent on us to open it for him.
Posted: 14/10/2006   

Answer: Doggy Doors? Leamington, Ontario Canada
Sometimes it can take longer than a week for them to get used to it. In most cases the pups will figure it out ... eventually. Luckily your Malamute is there to set a good example. I would say lots of treats, praise and encouragement, but no help. Your Chow can see how the door is used, so this is not the problem. It may just feel a little strange on his head - or he has decided to become lazy. Maybe cover the flap with a soft material. Apart from this, don't offer him a helping hand. He will get used to your assistance and expect it all the time. Good luck!
Posted: 20/10/2006

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