Crying Labrador, Melbourne VIC

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Crying Labrador, Melbourne VIC

I have two 3 yo labradors, but whenever they are put outside, one of them will sit at the door crying constantly until he is let back inside. He won't even come outside with me incase we won't let him back in! He is a very devoted dog, and hardly leaves my side when he is in the house either. The other one isn't bothered by being outside. What can I do to stop him crying? It's driving us crazy!
Posted: 12/10/2006

Answer: Crying Labrador, Melbourne VIC
Awww, someone loves his Mummy! Right - you are going to have to be really really strong and just ignore the crying. If his crying results in any attention from you, in what ever case - it has been a successful exercise for him as far as he is concerned. So, your going to have to put him out side more regularly (at least twice a day) and leave him there and ignore him until he stops crying. When and only when he stops, he can come back in. You could also try putting him in another room of your house, while separated from you. He just has to learn its ok to be away from you and that you will come back, when you decide its time. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do but ignore his cries.
Posted: 20/10/2006   

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