Aggressive little dog

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Aggressive little dog

HI I have a pomeranian/maltese girl, 20 months old. She likes to use her teeth on my fingers whenever she is not happy. So,if I disturb her comfort when she is sleeping, try to take her collar off, brush her, or do whatever it is she is not happy with, she is very quick with her teeth. What do I do if she bites me? I've tried different things...time outs, force, being nice...nothing works! Please help
Posted: 23/10/2006   

Answer: Aggressive little dog
Your little feisty one thinks she rules you, so its ok for her to nibble on you. She has possibly learnt from you reaction, that nibbles get her what she wants. I would take a look at your body language and how you handle her generally. My boyfriend has the same problem with our Jack, he will growl and have a go at him when he tries to move him. Although Jimbo would never dare growl at me! You must be very confident in your handlings, even down to staring your dog in the eyes when you mean business's. So try and adopt a strong, powerful, but yet gentle approach to handling your pooch. I feel this might make the difference.
Posted: 01/11/2006

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