dog not interested in food

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dog not interested in food

Hi, I have a cavalier king charles spaniel she is 14 months old and she just doesn't seem to eat! she just nibbles here and there, I have tried just about everything and there doesn't seem to be anything that takes her fancy other than chicken necks, I would ideally love to see a bit more weight on her so any ideas would be great, also I have already tried warming her food to give it that extra yummy smell aswell as cooking up mince with rice and I have also tried several different brands of dry food, the vet just told me to keep trying her on different foods but I have run out of ideas.
Posted: 24/10/2006

Answer: dog not interested in food
Hmmm ... so we have tried hand feeding? Have we tried having a party each time she eats? haha! I make a HUGE deal of things when one of my dogs is a tricky eater, so little nibbles receive masses of praise and love. You might want to try having her on your lap in the evening in front of the telly, just after you have eaten dinner, and ever so slightly encourage her to eat in that environment. Rather than changing the food, try changing the actual situation or environment. Also, pick a good brand of food and try and just stick with it. Swapping foods can cause little tummy upsets. She wont starve herself, so pick a good dry food and leave a little out all day.
Posted: 01/11/2006

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