Sick dog

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Sick dog

Our dog is 10 years old. He caught a brush tail possum and killed it. The problem is he ate most of it (I am sure he must have a stomach full of fur). Also at around the same time he swallowed 2 whole bread crusts which were supposed to be for the chooks. Since then he hasn't looked well and is possibly constipated. Is there something natural we could give him to flush out his stomach, a laxitive of something of that nature. Thank you. Mary PS Could you e-mail the response privately.
Posted: 24/10/2006   

Answer: Sick dog
Oh dear. RIP Possum. The most gentle thing a pooch can have to eat is some boiled chicken breast (no bones), and a little white rice. Its very easy to digest, and this is what I give to most of the dogs if they have a upset tum. Basically control all food sources for a few days, and insure he is drinking lots of water. Best to give your vet a call, possibly the possum could have been sick. Generally possums wont come down to the ground unless they are sick, and am sure you dog doesn't climb tree's!!
Posted: 01/11/2006

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