Cocker training, Ottawa (ON Canada)

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Cocker training, Ottawa (ON Canada)

Hi! My partner and I adopted a cocker- spaniel six months ago and are at our wits end over training. She has taken to peeing inside (she was trained), sometimes even doing it right after we bring her back in. I'm starting to wonder if we are just a bad fit for her and this is her way of telling us she's unhappy. We walk her once a day, have a small yard, and spend tons of time with her. We are consistent in our training but aren't very breed familiar. She seems to be a nervous pee-er - she pees whenever she meets someone knew or when there is just too much excitment. What do you suggest? Thanks!
Posted: 25/10/2006

Answer: Cocker training, Ottawa (ON Canada)
Cocker Spaniels can be a bit out there to say the least. My mum had one when she was younger, needless to say - she has never owned a dog again! hahah! Although all the Cockers I have known are adorable. I think there is no real quick fix option, all I could really suggest is to find a professional trainer and possibly speak to your vet about a short course of drug therapy to calm her down a little. 3 months might be a good time frame, and with the help of medication it you should be able to correct the problem with a professional trainer. Good luck.
Posted: 01/11/2006

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