new home for staffy- central coast nsw

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new home for staffy- central coast nsw

hi there - i have a white 3 year old white male staffy. i have recently renovated my back yard which has left him with half the space, i feel it is selfish for him to not have as much room to play in and was thinking of finding a new home for him, much to my discust. but i dont want just anyone to have him. i want to be sure he goes to a loving family home where he will be loved as much as i do. i thought of finding a breeder for him. how do i find a good home for him?
Posted: 26/10/2006

Answer: new home for staffy- central coast nsw
You might want to have a chat to the good people at . Although they rescues death row dogs and cats, they may be able to point you in the right direction. Also, do a Google search on Staffy Clubs or Rescue in NSW. They would defiantly be a great resource in helping to find a great home for him. Am sorry to hear about your tough decision. Staffys are fab dogs.
Posted: 01/11/2006

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