Train dog to stay in yard w/out fence?

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Train dog to stay in yard w/out fence?

I have a seventh month old shetland sheepdog and I want to find someway for him to be able to run around withouth a leash on. I have a backyard, and it's enclosed by garages on 3 sides, but theres some open space for him to run out. Is there any way for me to train him to stay in the yard without a leash?
Posted: 07/11/2006   

Answer: Train dog to stay in yard w/out fence?
It can be done, although it depends on your dog! There is no sure fire way except for heaps of training with some professionals. I think some sort of clicker training would be the most effective so your dog could be pulled back in via the clicker sound, if he goes near the gap. Although, I personally couldn't take the risk! It may be much easier to just try and block the area off with some chicken wire or lattice??
Posted: 13/11/2006   

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