staffy trouble Launceston Tasmania

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staffy trouble Launceston Tasmania

Hi there, I have a staffy named Zara who is now just over a year old. I am having trouble with her when putting her outside during the day. When outside she will nearly always yelp whine and cry very loudly and scratch the door to come back inside however she will only do this when im here and when my partner is here she will not make a sound. Also when she is inside she has a bed that she is to stay on rather than run round and chase the cat, however she will stay on her bed no longer than a minute or two when im around and be fine when my partner is around. How can i show her that im boss too?? She is my dog and i spend most time with her during the day and night but she will only really listen to my partner. Please help me and my puppy Elle
Posted: 10/11/2006

Answer: staffy trouble Launceston Tasmania
I can't help but giggle cause this is so typical Staffy! I love them! haha. I think your partner needs to take a step back, so you can elevate yourself to top dog in the household. Ensure that you give her most or all of her meals, you hold the lead when you (if you both) take her for a walk etc. Read up on the internet about basic training and do this with her, so she will understand that you are in control of her. They also respond to bold and strong handling so don't be afraid to be a tiny bit bossy with her. She will love you for it! Good luck.
Posted: 13/11/2006

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