Scared Pup

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Scared Pup

We just got a 7month old female rotti and bought her home and she is scared. She hides all day hardly eats. She actually trembles and it's worrying us. We all know to approach her slowly as not to scare her and we are trying to show her we love her but we don't know what to do. The few times she has actually walked around the yard is after taking up to an hour of sitting with her and patting her etc and the she will get up and come when called although this has only happened with me or hubby. The kids would love to play with her and run around with her but she is so scared of them. What can we do to help her?
Posted: 22/11/2006

Answer: Scared Pup
Despite popular belief Rotti's are very sweet and timid. Most people have the belief that they are very self assured, dominate and even aggressive. In most cases, that is only the outcome if the owner instigates such behavior. Have you adopted your pup? I wonder if she has had a rough start to life. Regardless, she will be defiantly looking to you for direction. You need to be confident in your handling, and personality when you are around her. She will follow your lead as she will for the rest of her life. Try not to cover her in cotton wool so to speak, as this will prevent her from coming out of her shell. Just remember, she will look to you for direction. Be confident with her.
Posted: 04/12/2006

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