Would my old dog like a puppy?

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Would my old dog like a puppy?

I was the proud owner of two Golden Retriever's aged nearly 15 and 10 until I lost my elderly girl just a couple of months ago. Sadly, just a month later we found out that my youngest dog has a heart condition. Whilst she is happy and healthy at the moment there is no telling exactly what the future holds. We have been considering getting a puppy in the new year but I am worried that it may affect my dog. She is very spoilt and has always enjoyed being the submissive, lap dog type and I can see that she will either love it (as she does most little dogs) or be very put out. The latter is what I am worried about and mostly I am worried that it may affect her health. Can anyone give me any advice? Thank you
Posted: 15/12/2006

Answer: Would my old dog like a puppy?
As you say, it can go either way. She may love it or hate it. You must also consider the happiness of the pup, would the pup suffer and fret when the sad day comes that your current Golden goes to pooch heaven? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are negatives and positives. Just makes sure it is in everyone's best interest.
Posted: 06/01/2007

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