Problem Pug - Pierre has trouble breathing

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Problem Pug - Pierre has trouble breathing

My 2 year old pug Pierre has trouble breathing, we've seen a vet who has informed us that he needs an operation to shorten his palate. However Pierre has also been suffering fits and seizeures in which he is paralysed, froths and sometimes facates on himself. He has no balance, he's constantly whining and crying, falling over and doesn't cock his leg anymore. I'm scared that he has PDE but won't be sure unless he has an MRI. Can anyone help me? Does anyone know what's wrong with him?
Posted: 19/12/2006

Answer: Problem Pug
Poor little Pierre. The MRI is the only way to be certain of what is going on neurologically. Through the MRI the will be able to see if the seizure activity is effecting his gross motor skills, which may also be causing him to fall down. Defiantly go with the MRI and then discreetly (as not to offend your vet!) obtain a second or third opinion to be sure you are on the right track. I would get the seizures under control before the breathing problems. Assuming the breathing problems can wait for a little while. Good luck. Hugs to your pug.
Posted: 06/01/2007   

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