Barking & biting, Melbourne (Vic)

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Barking & biting, Melbourne (Vic)

I have a new addition to the family a small pom x maltese male named morris. we live in apartments and he is starting to bark at nothing and when i say no he just continues to do it running passed me trying to bite he is only 3 months old is this just a puppy stage???
Posted: 23/12/2006

Answer: Barking & biting, Melbourne (Vic)
What a cheeky little Morris! I am assuming he has decided this is a good way to get your attention! Whether you give him negative or positive attention as a response, it doesn't matter to him. You need to minimise your reaction to his barks. When he does it, firmly say no. If he does not stop swiftly pick him up and put him in the bathroom for a few minutes by himself. He will learn barking gets him nothing but 'Morris time'. Further more encourage productive play time with appropriate toys, treats and attention from yourself.
Posted: 06/01/2007

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