Puppy Arthritis & Hydrotherapy, Melbourne (VIC)

Puppy Arthritis & Hydrotherapy, Melbourne (VIC)

Our 1 year old X kelpie/lab has been limping periodically for some time, on the latest (third) visit to the vet they decided it must be arthritis. I'm really worried about her as she's so young to develop this problem. The vet thinks she is overweight and we're hoping that getting her weight down will help the situation, but we don't want to run her too hard & put more pressure on her joints. Someone told us about a doggy swimming pool in the Bayside area. Do you have any idea if there is one & where it is, and/or any general advice about what we can do to make sure Stella is happy & as well as she can be for as long as possible?
Posted: 03/01/2007

Answer: Puppy Arthritis & Hydrotherapy, Melbourne (VIC)
One of my clients dog's is going through the same thing, and she is only 6. Firstly, the pooch pool sounds fantastic. A great low impact way for her to exercise. I'm in Sydney, so I am not sure where it would be in VIC. Maybe ask your local vet? They may know. Possibly try for a second opinion regarding the limp. There's no harm in seeing another vet. It would be a shame for her to be on meds, if it wasn't required.
Posted: 06/01/2007

OZ DOGGY NOTE: Dog swimming pools. There are several Melbourne based swimming pools for dogs:


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