Scared of Going for a Walk

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Scared of Going for a Walk

My cattle x staffy is afraid to go for a walk. She will go to flyball training and an off leash park but is afraid to go for a walk down the road. She is also afraid of loud, unexpected noises, heavy traffic and new places but we would really like to be able to take her for a walk around our suburb. Can you help us?
Posted: 28/02/2007

Answer: Scared of Going for a Walk
Ohhh! Another super sensitive Staffy! I think the key is to how you react to her when she over reacts to these things. He she hears a large truck and panics do you console and cuddle her in attempt to make her feel better?? If so, this is only re-affirming her fears. You need to be very strong and confident when you walk with her. Take large strides, head up, shoulders back. You are top dog! No matter where she goes with you, you are in charge and she has nothing to fear! If she does panic, do not offer her much attention. Just keep on going, with a tiny bit of verbal encouragement. Once she clams down offer a simple pat on the head and continue on. I do feel that they key will lay in your handling off her, and this is simply a habit that she has formed.
Posted: 02/03/2007

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