Indoor marking Problem

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Indoor marking Problem

We have just moved to a new house and have been living here for 3 months. I have a staffy x and a doberman x. When we first moved, the neighbours told us that the dogs would howl for a couple of minutes just after we left. Other than that they didn?t hear them. Lately they have been good except for last week when they apparently howled on one of the days I went out. Since this, I have noticed that the staffy keeps taking the dobermans treats and we have noticed pee in the kitchen. Just one lot of pee each time we go out. The pee is not in the same area as the treats were and the dobermam just walks away when the staffy takes his treats, like hes not interested. Please help!
Posted: 01/03/2007   

Answer: Indoor marking Problem
Yet ANOTHER Sensitive Staffy!! ha ha. I think your Staffy is feeling a bit lost since the move. I do think the kitchen pee may be a slight territory marking 'this is my house, I think?' and taking all the treats could be due to the nature of not knowing where the next meal may be coming from. You need to set up a iron clad routine, your Staffy needs it so what's next can be predicted. Try and offer more exercise to settle wear her out a little more and also look in to crate training.
Posted: 02/03/2007

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